Prometheus Ditches Subtlety In Favor Of Explosions For New Poster

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Though there’s been a lot of it, so far most of the marketing for Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus has been pretty subtle. The posters feature things like the outline of a face, the images are all closeups of astronauts screaming at something horrible off camera. The trailer shows flashes of things exploding or attacking but mostly it’s all reaction shots hinting at something more horrifying and shocking than you can imagine.

But not so much with the movie’s new international poster. Here it is…

No subtlety here. A space ship is blowing up and they’re running away from it. Actually, that image seems kind of like a spoiler doesn’t it? It’s not so much one ship blowing up as two ships colliding and blowing up. The top left of the explosion looks like pieces of the Prometheus and the bottom right looks like pieces of the alien craft we’ve seen in the trailers. Odd choice for a poster unless it’s merely symbolic. I refuse to believe they’d actually put the movie’s ending on a one sheet people can look at before they walk into the movie theater.