New Prometheus Details Include More On Guy Pearce’s Role And The Name Of The Alien World

By David Wharton | Published

We’ve been throwing a lot of Prometheus news at you over the past few days, but we just can’t help it; Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction has us itching for the arrival of June 1st. In the meantime, we will gleefully dissect every new hint and herring, however red they may prove to be. Now Empire Magazine has posted a list of 19 things they’ve learned about Prometheus, and there are several intriguing tidbits amongst the crop. Naturally, the rest of this article contains spoilers, but nothing too huge. We’ll start with the smallest spoiler and work our way up to the bigger stuff, so stick to the next paragraph if you want to remain mostly unspoiled.

First off, the alien planet the crew of the Prometheus visit is really, really, really far away. Empire says subtitles detailing the ship’s mission list the planet’s distance from Earth as 32 hundred trillion kilometers. So, quite a trek, any way you slice it. The bulk of the film is said to take place in the latter days of this current century, mainly in 2091.

The article also reveals some intriguing speculation about Guy Pearce’s role. He’s playing corporate mogul Peter Weyland, the man who funds Prometheus‘ expedition, and we’ve actually already seen him in action thanks to the clever “TED talk” viral video a while back. That video takes place in 2023, but Pearce also puts in at least one appearance in the film itself, playing an older version of Weyland in a holographic recording played back for the Prometheus crew.

Finally, one of the most intriguing details revealed is the name of the alien world at the center of Prometheus‘ story. It is given the designation LV-223, which will ring many a bell for fans of the Alien films. The first two movies in the franchise unfolded on a world named LV-426. Without knowing how that naming system works, there’s no way to extrapolate exactly what relation the two worlds have to each other. Most likely it’s just a way of establishing that we are indeed in the Alien universe, a fun little Easter egg offered to those who are paying attention. At the very least, however, it does seem to rule out speculation that Prometheus takes place on the very same world as Alien and Aliens. There are definitely ties a-plenty to those films, but Scott seems to be taking us on a voyage to a different location this time.

Seriously, is it June 1st yet?