Prometheus Blu-ray Trailer Teases Answers To Our Questions

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

With only a week until Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is released on Blu-ray/DVD, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has released the official Blu-ray trailer. The theme of the trailer centers on the idea that “Questions Will Be Answered.” Check out the trailer below:

It’s unlikely that all of the questions raised by Prometheus will be answered — after all, there’s a sequel to think about. But it looks like we’ll get more info on some of the big ones, including “Who created the aliens?” and “Is Prometheus set on the same planet as Alien?” [No, that was LV-426, Prometheus takes place on LV-223. — Ed.] These answers will only be available in the four-disc Collector’s Edition of Prometheus on Blu-ray. Sorry DVD owners, you’ll have to upgrade to get the full Prometheus experience.

The Blu-ray set will also feature various cast and filmmaker interviews, deleted scenes, an alternative ending, and second screen options for your iPad or Android tablet. The second screen feature will give additional footage and information on the making of Prometheus, as well as giving the viewer an opportunity to interact with the film in a new way.

While the American release of Prometheus is impressive, it seems mild compared to the epic nine-discPrometheus to Alien: The Evolution” set that will be released in France this week. The French boxed set will feature Prometheus, the Alien Quadrilogy, and hours and hours of amazing bonus features. Although it is unclear if this set will ever make its way to this side of the Atlantic, we can only hope the good people at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will make it happen.

Prometheus will be available for purchase on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and DVD on October 9, 2012. The bonus features will only be available on the 2-Disc Blu-ray set and the 4-Disc Collector’s Edition set.