Prometheus Blueprints And Detailed Ship Interior Photos

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi movie is centered around the crew of a ship, called the Prometheus, as they encounter the unknown in the far off reaches of outer space. Since the movie’s named after the ship they take to get there, it’s a safe bet that it’ll figure pretty prominently into the film. And as a bonus, it looks fantastic.

We’ve seen a little of the Prometheus so far, this morning we showed you this poster diagraming key areas of the vessel. But now we have a complete and totally detailed look at the doomed star cruiser. In fact we have not only detailed interior photos of nearly every section of the ship, but blueprints of the craft’s layout. Take a look…

Those images come from a Verizon viral site where they’r revealed by playing a viral game. Note: You have to give them a lot of your personal information to play it, so you may not want to. Below we’ve included some of the other Prometheus ship images uncovered by the game so far by our crack team of alien hunters and the gang over at AVP Galaxy.

If you do play, let us know in the comments below as you find new images we haven’t added yet.

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