President Camacho Returns In Mike Judge’s New NSFW Idiocracy Shorts

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Next week the U.S. presidential election will finally be over, after months of empty photo ops, besmirching of character, and slinging of mud. Whether November 6th inspires fist-pumping or depressed alcohol binging will depend entirely on which candidate is your guy. But now, at least, something has emerged from this campaign cycle that everyone can enjoy, a near miraculous visitation that can unite us all under the firm, unshakable belief that our country needs just one thing to flourish. That thing is President Dwayne Elizando Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Yes, the unforgettable U.S. President introduced in Mike Judge’s brilliant satire, Idiocracy, has traveled back in time to save us all from partisan bickering. Terry Crews, who plays Camacho — nay, who is Camacho — had hinted a while back that we might be seeing more of Camacho, and now it’s arrived in the form of five, count ‘em five, new web shorts featuring President Camacho’s bold vision for our country’s future. For instance, he promises to eliminate income taxes entirely, and will instead tax outgo — the things that come out of you. Yes, he means poop.

The country’s in need of job creation? He’s got it handled. Problems in the Middle East? Consider them solved. Not enough violence on TV? Just wait.

You can watch the NSFW videos below. And remember: on November 6th, vote Camacho — he’s so stupid he just might work.

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