Pre-Order The Walking Dead Videogame Collector’s Edition, Get 48 Free Issues Of The Comic

By David Wharton | Published

Since Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is pretty much taking over the world right now, there’s no surprise that people are constantly trying to figure out new ways to spin off the comic series and AMC’s hit TV adaptation. One of the cooler tie-in products that’s been flying kind of under the radar, at least compared to the show, is the Walking Dead episodic videogame series. If you’ve been curious to try out the game, or have just now heard of it and are intrigued, now you’ve got an extra reason to sample the game when its bundled together as a box set this December: pre-order the Collector’s Edition and you’ll also get the first 48 issues of the comic as well.

The Walking Dead videogame is from the talented folks at Telltale Games, who have been doing their level best to resurrect the adventure game with awesome releases such as the Sam & Max games and the updated remakes of the first two legendary Monkey Island games. They’ve built a solid model based on multipart downloadable games, and they’ve partnered to make make games out of several high-profile properties, including The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park, and even Back to the Future. Set in the same universe as Kirkman’s comic series, the five-part Walking Dead game lets you play as a criminal named Lee Everett, and reacts to the choices you make as you play.

Now then, to get the snazzy Collector’s Edition with the comics there is, of course, some fine print. As reported by IGN, the Collector’s Edition of The Walking Dead: The Game is going to be a GameStop exclusive, and you’ve got to pre-order to get it. The set will list for $69.99 and hits shelves on December 4th. Supposedly supplies of the Collector’s Edition will be “extremely limited” (aren’t they always?). So just what sort of deal are you getting for that 70 bucks? Well, the 48 comics come in the form of a copy of The Walking Dead: Compendium One, which retails for $59.99, but which you can find online for cheaper — Amazon has it for $34.36 at the moment. If you just want the Walking Dead game itself, it will list for $29.99. Both versions will be available for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Or, if you’re not the sort who needs a physical copy of your entertainment, you could just click over to Telltale Games right now and buy yourself some digital copies of The Walking Dead game. And for that matter, you can go grab digital copies of the entire Walking Dead run over at Comixology. (We have zero stake in either company, btw, I just happen to use and like them both. (I haven’t bought a comic outside of Comixlogy in over a year, and I buy a lot of comics.)