Predestination Puts Out Another Spooky Trailer To Go With Awful New Release Date

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

If you’re going to make a time travel movie, you’d better have all your ducks in a row, especially if that movie is based on a short story from legendary author Robert A. Heinlein. With their upcoming thriller Predestination, Daybreakers filmmakers Michael and Peter Spierig seem to have created an extremely intriguing tale of mayhem, not tethered by time and space. The film’s new trailer, seen above, is even more exciting than the previous version. So why, oh why, would Sony Pictures offshoot Stage 6 Films decide to release this flick in the middle of the cinema’s darkest days of the year?

Stage 6 announced Predestination will hit theaters on January 9, 2015. (I’m still writing “2014” on paperwork at that point.) While we’ve seen a rise in quality of movies released during February over the past couple of years, January is still just a dismal abyss of features that haven’t earned the proper amount of studio confidence. At this point, Predestination will go up against Robbie Pickering’s genre-mashing Kitchen Sink and Liam Neeson’s third Taken film. (Which is, by the by, now goes by the hideous new moniker Tak3n.) The latter film will probably bring in a decent audience, and they’ll hopefully see Hawke’s face on a Predestination poster and give it a shot.

In the twisty thriller, Hawke plays a Temporal Agent who uses time travel to stop killers and criminals before they commit their future crimes. (like Minority Report without all the motion-interfaces or Tom Cruise.) There’s one killer that he’s never been able to stop, though, who goes by the name of the Fizzle Bomber. Apparently Hawke gets exploded and has his body all burned up and scarred, as can be seen in the beginning of the trailer.

predestinationHe brings in another character, played by Sarah Snook, to assist him in catching the crook, but it’s mostly unclear just how that will happen. Just know that it involves paradoxes and babies and combination locks. Given how much detail went into the background and concepts in Daybreakers, I’m expecting some neat spins on time travel stereotypes from the Spierig boys. It’s interesting how unmodern the film looks, as well, despite being quite futuristic. Maybe it’s Noah Taylor’s mustache.

Will Hawke be able to stop the Fizzle Bomber before his world implodes? Will Sarah Snook wear that weird wig for more than 20 minutes? Find out when Predestination hits theaters on January 9. Unless someone can go back to last week to convince Stage 6 put it out by Halloween of this year.