Post-Zombie Apocalypse Corporate Logos

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

The impending zombie apocalypse is going to drastically change everything. That should go without saying. We’ve all seen zombie movies where the dead rise, devour the living, and generally make a mess out of things. Infrastructure will evaporate, social norms and conventions will devolve overnight, and chaos will reign over all the land. People are going to have to acclimate quickly, or face dire consequences.

One segment of civilization that will face an adapt-or-die scenario, one that most people never consider, is the marketing game. There will be fewer living consumers with fewer resources. But clever entrepreneurs may see a whole new customer base open up in front of their eyes. Here are some well-known corporate logos, reimagined by British graphic designer Ben Fellowes to attract a, how shall we put this, less life-centered clientele.

The centerfolds in this evolution of Playboy may not appeal to as many teenage boys as before, but the undead teen-about0town may have a different take.

Just because they’re zombies doesn’t mean little dead girls don’t deserve their own version of Mattel’s iconic Barbie.

This NBA knockoff is my favorite, though basketball is a completely different game when played by the undead. Much slower paced, much less scoring.

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

This KFC sign isn’t too far off.

This play on Starbucks has a special significance to those among us who live in a place where multiple outlets sometimes exist within the same building.

If you subscribe to the theory that the undead will bring out the absolute worst in your fellow humans, then this Badwill logo is right up your alley.

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