This Poster References Every Episode Of Star Trek The Original Series

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

This is without a doubt the geekiest thing you’ll see all day. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’re right, maybe there is something geekier than this out there, but you’re going to have to do some serious digging. After all, it isn’t every day that you come across a single poster that references every last episode of Star Trek, the original series. That’s right, all 79 episodes get a nod, and a slight tip of the cap, in this one epic image.

Click HERE for a bigger view of the poster, and HERE for a key to help you decipher the whole thing. Trust me, this comes in handy; there’s a lot of minutiae to sift through here.

A true labor of love from artist Dusty Abell, this poster combines 123 characters, crafts, and creatures, all mashed together in a single, densely populated picture.

A fan of the original series, my Trek knowledge is far less than encyclopedic. Maybe there’s something missing, but not much to be sure. All the big moments are here. Hard to miss Evil Spock. “The Trouble With Tribbles”? Check. As well as so, so many more. We could go on all day, and probably well into the night.

But rest assured, all of your favorite characters, actors, guest stars, and incidents from the beloved classic are present and accounted for.

If Abell can get enough people interested, he’d like to put together a limited run of prints of this poster. You might want to check that out for yourself, what better holiday gift for the classic Star Trek fan in your life.

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