First Poster For Neuromancer Movie Gets A Thumbs Up

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

A Neuromancer movie is one the great white whales of science fiction filmdom. There have been rumors and announcements, and rumors of announcements, nearly as long as the book itself has existed (first published in 1984, for those keeping score). William Gibson’s novel became one of the definitive tomes of the cyberpunk movement, and elements of it have influenced countless films and shows and games in the years since. With director Vince Natali in the director’s chair, it looks like we’re finally going to see a Neuromancer film in theaters, and now it just became that much more “real.” Check out the first teaser poster for the film.

The image was posted by the folks at Coming Soon, after they spotted it at the American Film Market (AFM). While there’s not much to the above poster, what there is feels right. The merging of biological and technological is at the heart of both Gibson’s book and the cyberpunk genre as a whole, and this simple image conveys that theme quite effectively.

Natali has made a name for himself with several edgy science fiction films in the past, writing and directing both Cube and 2009’s Splice. He even worked as an uncredited storyboard artist on the forgettable Gibson adaptation Johnny Mnemonic in 1994. While he isn’t a household name, his style and feel for the genre suggest that the long-awaited Neuromancer movie might just prove to be worth the wait.

There’s still no official release date for Neuromancer, but we probably shouldn’t expect it until 2014 or so. While we haven’t seen much from the film yet, what little we have has us cautiously optimistic. May be time to polish off the old mirrorshades…