Post Apocalyptic Cyborg Drama Rosa Finds A Writer

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

20th Century Fox’s live-action, feature-length adaptation of director Jesus Orellana’s animated science fiction short Rosa has found a writer. Will Dunn is on board to pen the script, while Orellana is also slated to helm this version of his story.

If you haven’t seen Rosa yet, you can watch it right here.

Rosa made a big splash when it played at a bunch of film festivals last years (I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen at Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival), and if you watch it, you’ll see why. The animation is dark and gloomy, but also breathtakingly gorgeous. There are definite echoes of Tron and Blade Runner, among others. At times it does feel a little like watching someone play a videogame, especially in the moments from the cyborg’s point of view, when they target each other.

The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that is completely devoid of natural life. Rosa is a cyborg, part of humanity’s last-ditch effort to save the environment. But when she wakes up she discovers she’s not the only thing strolling around.

The crazy thing about Rosa is that it was all one dude. Orellana, a comic book artist, created the entire film using his home computer. It looks like a project that would have teams of people slaving away, but in the end all it took was one determined guy with a story to tell.

Dunn is also a relative newcomer, but in 2010 his spec script Ion was optioned by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free productions. Currently Channing Tatum is attached to star in that.

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