Pop Art Style Star Wars Prints

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Can you ever have too much Star Wars art? From the look of things, the answer to that question is no, there is no such thing as too much. In recent days we’ve seen our favorite characters from that long ago, far, far away galaxy rendered as cartoons, as characters from an 80s teen movie, and as grim outlaws from spaghetti westerns. Now these icons of science fiction have been painted in a pop art style, with just a touch of graffiti thrown in for good measure.

The paintings come from The Decorium Studio, and you can order most of them in a variety of sizes and on a selection of different materials. Below are just a few of the highlights, there are a crazy ton more on the website for you to peruse.

This one of Yoda is my personal favorite. The combination of the pose and the color palate creates a finished product that captures the personality of that wise little bugger.

No Star Wars collection would be complete without fan favorite Boba Fett bounty hunting all over the place.

Nor could you get away without a Storm Trooper or two. I can’t help but think, instead of lasers, it looks like his blaster is squirting some sort of juice bright red juice.

There are a couple of different takes on Darth Vader. This first one is ghostly, almost dreamy in appearance…

…while the other has more of a street style, using a stencil rather than brush strokes.

And we’ll round things out with a selection of the various spacecrafts from the series.

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