Pond Life Episode 5 Gets In One Last Joke And Then Turns Ominous

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

In my write-up of yesterday’s installment of Pond Life, the short Doctor Who webseries focused on what the Ponds have been up to after leaving the TARDIS, I wondered if the series was actually leading up to anything, or if it was just a lark. I mean, it’s leading up to Saturday night’s season premiere, obviously, but did it have something larger to convey than just a few laughs about the Doctor getting into pickles and the Ponds finding unwanted guests in their loo? Was it going to end in a way that would make us even more anxious for the new episodes? After all, this first batch of five will be the last adventures for Amy and Rory, and it’s been more than hinted that their departure from the show won’t be…light-hearted.

So is Pond Life going to leave us with questions that will keep us counting the hours until tomorrow night? Yeah, I think that’s a safe bet. Check it out, and then wonder what it all means…

 If you’re late to this party and haven’t watched the earlier episodes, well look down below! Handy links!

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