Pond Life Episode 3 Has Something Ood In The Ponds’ Bathroom

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’ve all had the occasional guest that can’t take a hint when it’s time to leave. Despite the late hour and the frequent yawns from the hosts, they’ve always got one more story to tell, one more glass of wine to drink. It gets to the point where you might wish you had a TARDIS to help you escape.

Unfortunately, socializing with TARDIS owners has been known to have certain…side effects. Sure, there’s the excitement of seeing the wonders of the galaxy and helping save this and other worlds before tea time. But once you’re “in,” it’s really hard to get out. Even when you’re officially retired from adventuring through time and space, you still can’t escape the occasional bit of, let’s call it “carryover.” Such as, in the case of Amy Pond and Rory, waking up to find an Ood in your loo.

Pond Life is a five part web series focusing on what the Ponds have been up to since last season’s finale. After today’s episode, we’ve still got two to go before Saturday night’s Doctor Who season premiere. Stay tuned to GFR and we’ll post the next two as they arrive!

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