Is Someone Planning A New Back To The Future Project?

By Josh Tyler | 10 years ago

We lost the war against remakes a long time ago. They’ve always been a part of the movie business, but in recent years they’ve pretty much taken it over. That’s fine. There’s no longer any point in fighting it anymore, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Some remakes are even good. I’m willing to see what Hollywood can do by reworking just about any idea… except this one.

There’ve been rumblings for years now that Hollywood might be looking to remake Back to the Future, but thankfully, nothing has ever actually come of it. Before any of those proposed projects got off the ground, in every case, good sense prevailed and none of that nonsense ever went anywhere. Until…

This afternoon Frank Marshall, who produced Back to the Future and a lot of the other 80s movies you love best, posted the following, wholly ominous message on Twitter:

Something big is coming soon. Can’t say anything yet. No one should know too much about their own destiny. #BTTF

So obviously he’s planning something with Back to the Future. The franchise is decades old, and they’ve already done a video game and a Blu-ray. At this point, it’s hard to imagine there’s anything else they could do with it, other than some sort of remake, prequel, or ill-conceived sequel. It’s hard to imagine him announcing anything that will actually be good news here. Unless… it could be that he’s simply referring to recent rumors that Nike may, at long last, be about to unveil a shoe with power laces. That’s right, power laces.

It seems several people, like have received invitations to a secret unveiling. An unveiling which, the invitations to which, would seem to indicate they are about to start selling a BTTF themed shoe. Here’s what the invites look like:

And the box they come in contains these… replicas of the shades worn by Doc Brown after he returns from the future:

Still, let’s play it safe, before we’re outtatime. Just on the off chance that Marshall’s referring to something else, now seems like a good time to remind him of just how important it is that BTTF not be tampered with. Head any potential bad news off at the pass by joining us in telling Frank Marshall how critical it is that Back to the Future’s legacy be protected… at all costs. Send Marshall a message by simply clicking right here.

UPDATE! It’s confirmed! Nike really will sell shoes with Power Laces! Watch the first promo for them right here.