This Is Our Planet: Time-Lapse Of Images From The ISS Will Take Your Breath Away

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Look around you right now. Is there an oxygen tank within easy reach? No? You might want to run down to the nearest medical-supply store before you watch the video below, because this sucker will absolutely take your breath away.

Editor Tomislav Safundzic raided NASA’s Image Science & Analysis Laboratory and pieced this gorgeous time-lapse video together from images taken aboard the International Space Station. And sure, it’s easy to make shots of our planet look beautiful, because Mother Earth is a real looker. But Tomislav has done a marvelous job compiling the footage, and the results put any special effects Hollywood has ever created to shame. Words can’t do it justice. Just watch.



  1. This video is so old. I think I already saw an article on here about it like months ago.