Pixel Trek Gives You Access To Every Corner Of The Enterprise

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Pixel TrekIt’s the first official weekend of summer, and if you can pry yourself away from all of your Solstice-celebrating—in Seattle it means naked hippies painted bright colors riding bikes around town in parades (I wish I was joking)—or you World Cup-watching, then we have something here that just might occupy most of your time until you head back to work tomorrow. We would like to introduce you to Pixel Trek, our favorite new online videogame. A quick word of warning, make sure you have a decent chunk of time before you click on that link, you’re going to need it.

If you’ve ever wanted to guide a blocky version of Data through the corridors and various rooms and decks of the USS Enterprise-D, now is your chance. And you can go just about anywhere you damn well please. You can snoop through the private quarters of the other members of the crew, roam the endless—and I mean endless, this is seriously like a maze that goes on forever—and even get to see places you never get to experience on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The restroom located just off of the bridge is sure going to be a fan favorite. You can even go into the stalls and check out the toilets, because who doesn’t want to see where Jean-Luc Picard poops?

Pixel TrekNot much happens, but there are little asides and hilarious little bits that you’ll stumble across as you wander through the labyrinthine hallways. You’ll run across a couple of random E.T.’s, what appears to be a pregnant crewmember, and many more adventures that await you. There are, of course, key members of the cast to encounter, like Worf and Deanna Troi, and even Riker and Wesley Crusher, among others.

Pixel TrekFrom what I can tell in the hour or so I spent playing, there’s not really much of a point to all of this, no end goal or anything, but it is a damn good time, and all of you Star Trek fans out there, especially those of you with an affinity for TNG, owe it to yourself to poke around for a while. And remember, Pixel Trek is a work in progress, so even after you’ve explored, you can go back to see what new additions have been added to this pixelated world. If nothing else, the near obsessive attention to detail provides a fascinating glimpse behind the televised curtain of the show.

Pixel Trek