Badass Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicle Photos

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

The Mad Max series is known for its depiction of a wildly dystopic, super violent, post-industrial future. It’s also known for crazy mullets and badass vehicles. We don’t have any pictures of hairstyles yet, but photos of the vehicles being used in the new Mad Max film slated to begin filming this year, Fury Road, have been floating around the internet for a few month now.  This week, The Age threw out some additional photos of the vehicles as they sit in Australia, waiting to make their way to Africa.

The article says that the group of vehicles awaiting transport include “an army of off-road buggies and a posse of menacing-looking trucks,” which is a decent description of the accompanying photos.  The main photo shows two or three darkly colored, tricked out trucks, and a second depicts modified buggies on the back of a semi.  The Age also reports that there are a number of vehicles that resemble the “Interceptor”, the modified Ford XB GT Falcon coupe from the original film. Usually, having multiples of vehicles like this indicate that they’ll be involved in big action set pieces, so The Age surmises these Interceptors might meet an end similar to that in Mad Max 2: Road Warrior.

The vehicles have apparently been locked up for weeks at Port Kembla, Australia, waiting to be shipped over to Africa where Fury Road will now be shot.  This new installment in the Australian franchise that launched Mel Gibson’s career was initially set to be shot in Australia near Broken Hill, but an unusual amount of rainfall and flower growth resulted in an area “scarcely the stuff of post-apocalyptic nightmare.”