Picard Gets Festive, Sings Make It So, Make It So, Make It So

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Star Trek doesn’t delve into religion that often, unless it’s some weird alien kind or it involves some pissed-off god who makes the Enterprise crew wear togas and sacrifice lemurs to him because he’s lonely and the Earthlings never call or write or pray anymore. But we do at least know that Christmas is still a thing in the twenty-whateverth century, thanks to that time in Generations when Picard flashed back to a happy holiday of yore. Well, Picard and the crew of the TNG-era Enterprise are clearly feeling the spirit of the season, and that means it’s time to sing!

We’ve seen tons of videos like the one above, which pull audio from a show or movie and then use it to have the characters “sing” a well-known ditty. This is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen, however. Primarily because it’s much easier to follow and understand than many that I’ve seen — I’ll credit that to Patrick Stewart’s mellifluous tones. If the song’s pace is brisk, you’re having to splice the clips together so fast that it often just turns into a garbled mess. Even YouTuber James Covenant, who created the “Make It So” video, suffered from that problem with his Star Wars version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” (You can watch that one below, but honestly we recommend just rewatching the TNG one another half-dozen times.)

Even beyond the technical success, I have to high-five Covenant on his editing choices as well. It would have been easy to just find one instance of Picard delivering his trademark three-word catchphrase and reusing it each time, but instead he went to the trouble of using a different utterance of it every single damn time. I never can figure how anybody has time to put these together in the first place, much less when you’re going the extra mile like that.

Other things I enjoyed in the video: the fact that the words “lights” is pulled from exactly the episode it should be; the out-of-nowhere “Shut up, Wesley!”; the appearance of the Picard facepalm, both the single- and double-handed variations; the fact that he found three other people saying “Make it so,” just for variety’s sake.

Also, I would totally buy a Patrick Stewart Christmas album. Can that happen? Maybe rope in his buddy Ian McKellen for some killer duos. Make it so. Make it so. Make it so.

And here’s the Star Wars “Call Me Maybe.”