Photographer Creates Amazing Star Wars Short Stories Using Toys And Nature

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

BerserkThe ways in which Star Wars inspires creativity in its fans seems limitless. And while I know I spent countless hours staging epic battles with my Star Wars action figures when I was a kid, but the results never looked anywhere near as good as what happens when you give Malaysian photographer Zahir Batin a crate of toys, a camera, and some scenic stretches of natural wonder.

What I love most about Batin’s Star Wars photography is the sense of storytelling that seems to be present in all of his shots and the way he stages things. This one below, named “Regret,” genuinely does evoke a sense of that emotion, which is pretty damned amazing given that we’re looking at a hunk of plastic. Batin’s got a keen eye for body language, which is pretty much crucial when you’re trying to wring emotions out of something that has none.


He also brings a real sense of motion and action to the stills that’s very impressive given that he’s having to position everything in advance. Although Vader is looking awfully sprightly here given that he’s sans helmet.


This next one, called “The Trooper Massacre,” suggests a lot simply by implication. It makes me want to see the brutal battle that led up to this point. And it takes real skill to make those stupid fucking “roger roger” droids look this badass.


His sense of physicality, of implied movement, of color and lighting…honestly, I can’t say enough nice things about this dude’s work. He’s one of my favorite artists we’ve featured here on GFR in a long time. He’s also mixes things up and brings a sense of humor into the mix every now and then.


There’s nothing else I can say that Batin’s work can’t say for itself even more effectively. Check out some more of my favorite shots below, and then dig into his DeviantART and Facebook pages for more.










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