Peter Weller’s Star Trek Into Darkness Character Revealed

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Recently, the film’s first 30 minutes were screened for press in London, while 38 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness were screened in Sau Paulo, Brazil. In addition to early reactions, those screenings have revealed the identity of Peter Weller’s previously unidentified role in Into Darkness.



Two of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Star Trek sequel were the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison (assuming he has an alter ego) and who Peter Weller was playing. Now it has been revealed that Weller is playing Starfleet’s Admiral Marcus, presumably related to Carol Marcus, played in the film by Alice Eve. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any more clues about Cumberbatch’s John Harrison.

While reactions to Star Trek Into Darkness’ first 30 minutes were mainly positive, some feel 30 minutes isn’t enough time to fully evaluate a movie. From what the British press has to say, Star Trek Into Darkness will be a more thrilling ride than the reboot film in 2009. According to Bleeding Cool:

“It was an unrelenting 30 minute thrill-ride that constitutes a rough cut of the first half hour of the movie. From here on in almost anything I might say could be considered the stuff of spoilers, but if you want an capsule opinion from me before I get into all that – from the portion I have seen, Star Trek Into Darkness looks very exciting indeed. Even if the remaining 90 minutes or so is all Bergmanesque interiors with Kirk and Spock muttering haiku to one another, Star Trek Into Darkness will still be a very exciting film.

Reactions from The Guardian:

Without giving too much away, there’s more packed into the first half-hour of the movie than an entire season of Lost (and more than the suggestion that the island mystery show’s creator continues to be a film-maker with a fondness for spectacular set pieces that don’t always entirely fit the storyline).

The 2009 Star Trek had more than its fair share of plot holes, but no-one minded too much amid all the jaw-dropping space-thrills. Into Darkness throws so much preposterous theatricality at the screen that it remains to be seen whether there are parts of the jigsaw that won’t fit together by the time the credits roll.

Star Trek Into Darkness will hit theaters everywhere on May 17th, in 3D and IMAX.