Perfect Sense: Watch Ewan McGregor And Eva Green Fall In Love During The Apocalypse

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Perfect Sense is the next post-apocalyptic movie. It stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green as two people who fall in love at the end of the world. How do we go out? Disease, of course. This one takes away your senses. First you lose smell. Then taste. And then it gets worse.

Watch the first trailer for Perfect Sense right now….

It’s kind of impossible to watch that trailer and not think of Blindness, the Julianne Moore movie in which a disease causes everyone in the world to lose their site. That seems to be the direction this is headed, except with more of a Children of Men feel, which is to say that unlike Blindness it might actually be good. Even if it isn’t, Eva Green appears to be naked, a lot. What’s not to love?

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