Make People Think You Drive The Ecto 1 With Awesome Sci-Fi Car Emblems

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

So you’ve got your t-shirts, your hats, your backpacks, your shoes, your cell phone cases and photo backgrounds, and your tattoos. That’s how people get a visual sense of what your personality is like while you’re walking around, without you ever having to say a word. But say you’re driving in your car down the road. I mean, obviously people can’t see your Skeletor gearshift knob, but there’s an entire outside of the car to publicize. Yeah, the bumper still has the white sticky parts from the stickers you ripped off because you didn’t think those bands and ironic sayings were cool anymore. But who cares about covering those, because bumper stickers are old hat anyway. You want something newer to bring to the “look at me” game. And not some passing fad either. You need to dig deep and figure out the things you really love and find a clever way to affix that idea to the outside of your car.

No you don’t, because Washington’s arts and crafts master Jason Davies has already done it for you. His Etsy page is full of stylish and attractive car emblems that will surely appeal to almost any sci-fi fan that exists.

Drive a TARDIS, even if your car isn’t a blue time machine. Maybe you’re in the mood for something more intergalactic, like the Fett-S1, Falcon: Millennium Edition, NCC-1701, or the Excelsior. Maybe you just want the regular old 65 tons of American pride, the Canyonero. It doesn’t even have to be a vehicle, as Wolverine, MST3K, Anunnaki, and the Atari symbol are also up for sale. And really, $15 is exactly what I’d feel comfortable paying for any of these. Christmas presents, anyone? I’ll send you the P.O. Box where you can send them.

There are also some appetizing-looking felt food toy things, but that’s neither here nor there.

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