For People Who Just Don’t Have Time To Rewatch Star Wars, 8 New Supercuts

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

Not all of us have the time to sit down and rewatch the original Star Wars trilogy as often as we’d like to. We’ve got jobs, girlfriends, other hobbies, kids, and a slew of other activities that keep our butts off the couch just long enough to make watching a long movie inconvenient. So when will we dedicated nerds find the time to revisit the classics? Thankfully, Youtubers have made it easy for us to relive our favorite scenes in small, bite-sized chunks. Just make a selection from the main menu below and enjoy.

Maybe we just feel like listening to Chewbacca ramble on, or perhaps the beep boop beeps of R2-D2 are more your speed. Whatever you need, CussingChannel has provided a supercut for it. For now, only A New Hope is available, but keep checking back because according to the video, Empire Strikes Back will be hot on its heels.