Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster Gets Animated!

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

There are few comedians who work geek culture into their acts more than Patton Oswalt, and nobody does it better. His specials and sets give some hilarious takes on the Star Wars universe. But nothing, nothing, nothing will ever touch his 7 1/2-minute Parks and Recreation filibuster that envisions the most erratic and fucking amazing Star Wars: Episode VII ever conceived. I don’t usually need Greek gods and Iron Man in my space opera sci-fi, but I’ll take it and I’ll love it.

YouTube user iZacLess — who is actually visual effects artist Isaac Moores — put together the wonderful above animation, which gives nearly full life to every one of Oswalt’s whimsical franchise mash-’em-up ideas, from the scroll to the ridiculous amount of characters involved. Granted, most of this is just rudimentary Photoshopping and things of that nature, but an incredible amount of imagination went into the details, especially for something as silly as the “Jedi order.” This visual adventure featuring members of Marvel’s Avengers and X-Men, the gods from Clash and Wrath of the Titans, along with the usual gang of Hutts and Jedi. And it’s all probably easier to understand for people who aren’t familiar with these universes. But then, why would those people care enough to watch this?

It’s well worth it to check out some of Moores’ other work, as he’s bound to move on to bigger projects in the future. Check out his scene-morphing style below in “Face Folding Films,” which features a particularly alien-looking Doc Brown. No Thanos in this one though.

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