Papercraft Enterprise Will Make You Wish You Were Craftier

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

star trekGeeks, nerds, and obsessives of the world know one thing for certain: toys aren’t just for kids anymore, and haven’t been the exclusive territory of the young in quite some time. You can get figurines of zombies, monsters, and a ton of more grown up collectibles that are definitely aimed at older fans, things those youngsters just won’t understand or enjoy (or they could just be straight up inappropriate). And this Papercraft version of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek is definitely one of those that will be most appreciated by older generations.

This small, paper rendering of one of the most iconic spaceships in all of science fiction comes from Alex Manfredi (click HERE to see his interpretations of other famous space craft, both real and fictional). This particular incarnation of the Enterprise is apparently a mixture of several different versions. It combines the design from the original series with some of the retrofits and modifications made in the earlier film entries into the franchise. Then again, those of you with an eye for the little things and the minutiae probably noticed that already.

star trekThis is yet another in a long line of fan made artifacts that, while I’m very glad it exists and that there’s someone out there willing to put in the time and effort to make these, I am nowhere near crafty enough to even consider something like this. I can’t draw anything in any capacity (stick figures included, somehow—my ineptitude in this arena is nothing short of startling), so I can’t even comprehend of how you would even begin to go about creating something like this.

star trekThe craftsmanship and level of miniscule detail on this is fantastic, and it’s hard to imagine creating something so intricate and substantial looking out of nothing but paper (though we’re sure he used really nice paper, it’s still a little bewildering to my feeble brain). However, if you go to Manfredi’s Google Plus page, there are extensive directions and even templates you can print out and use to build your own similar crafts. (I didn’t see any for this particular creation, but you can find the likes of the USS Alexander and the Galileo shuttlecraft that should keep you good and occupied for good long while.)

star trek