A Pair Of Custom-Made Doctor Who Converse Will Only Cost You A Hundred Bucks

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Are you a Doctor Who and/or Torchwood fan? Got a hundred bucks just lying around, gathering dust? Why not trade in that useless cash for a pair of snazzy, custom-made Doctor Who/Torchwood shoes? Put your money where your fandom is: on your feet! (Wait, that doesn’t make any sense…)

The shoes are the creation of Etsy user Tannim, and you can order a pair for the aforementioned hundred bucks. Colored the iconic TARDIS blue, the shoes have several nice touches such as the Police Box sign on the side. One thing that isn’t clear: how you can figure out what size you need if they’re bigger on the inside than the outside.

While I’ve been a big fan of Torchwood, that series doesn’t really have any iconic visuals that are instantly associated with it. So while the Torchwood shoes won’t broadcast your fandom to the world around you, they are still pretty damn cool looking.

Seller not responsible for any time-space anomalies in the proximity of your shoes.

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