Pacific Rim Viral Website Wants To Evaluate You

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

jaegerPacific Rim‘s viral marketing campaign has kicked into full gear this week, with the “Pacific Defense Federation” recruiting soldiers, scientists, and engineers for the war against the monstrous Kaiju. Do you have what it takes? Can you put aside your random daily activities in order to ensure future generations have an Earth to live on?

Or rather, do you have a few minutes to create a log-in for the Pacific Rim viral website and take a 10-question “evaluation” so that the PDF (not the Adobe kind) can figure out where to sort you within their ranks. The multiple-choice questions all fall into the territory of, “What would you do if a Kaiju kidnapped your kid?” or “How do you handle pressure in a robot suit?” and you’re under time constraints. So you’d better hurry up and finish unless you want to be stuck theoretically cleaning up Kaiju shit for a living. Just so we’re all clear, I’ll be on psych evaluation duties, so don’t go saying anything about the way all this destruction reminds you of your relationship with your mother, or I’ll have to make an analysis. Here’s my badge.


They’ll also give you an automatic download of a few computer wallpaper images and some photos for whatever social media outlet you used. Here’s the FB cover photo and a wallpaper image. Your computer needs more robot. Trust me.



It’s going to be a while until the film releases on July 11, 2013, so go ahead and take another look at the trailer below.