Pacific Rim Spends The Afternoon At The Museum With A Giant Kaiju Skull

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Pacific Rim Museum SkullThe latest piece of promotional material for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim—and there has been a ridiculous ton of it up to this point, with much more likely to come—isn’t quite what we’ve come to expect. This picture is of a museum exhibit, complete with a fancy pedestal and glass case. But in this instance the artifact encased in glass is a massive Kaiju skull with all of the flesh removed. I wonder how big the sign warning kids not to touch the glass is? They’ll need one hell of a velvet rope.

Those of you in the know are well aware that the Kaiju are enormous, skyscraper-tall monsters that emerge from the bottom of the Pacific. More specifically, they come through an interdimensional rift, on a mission to wreak havoc on our world. Given their penchant for mayhem, destruction, and death, gawking at a skull in a museum like this strikes me as oddly serene. We’ve already seen how the human race adapts to the presence of these creatures, by building around and through their fallen skeletons.

In order to battle the Kaiju, the government institutes the Jaeger Program, which constructs epic-scale mechs to battle these hideous beasts. Controlled by a pair of pilots linked at the brain, these tools slow the bleeding some, but this may ultimately be an unwinnable fight. Just when things are darkest, a washed-up pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untrained rookie (Rinko Kikuchi) must take an out of date Jaeger into combat as a last-ditch effort to stop the apocalypse.

Pacific Rim storms into theaters in IMAX 3D on July 12th.

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