New Pacific Rim Picture Gets Ready For Battle

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Epic is the word most often used to describe director Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming sci-fi feature Pacific Rim. And what better description of an adventure where enormous monsters battle giant freakin’ robots? (You can understand why this particular movie might pique our interest here).

Even though Pacific Rim doesn’t hit theaters until July 12, 2013, it is getting a great deal of press. And of course the production will have a presence at that Mecca of everything geek-related San Diego Comic Con. The first poster appeared the other day, and now on the first day of SDCC, another new image has popped up in USA Today.

The picture shows stars Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi, battle ready in matching black armored suits. In Pacific Rim humans pilot mammoth, 25-story tall robots called Jaegers into battle against Kaiju, colossal monsters intent on wrecking up the joint. There is definite Voltron and RoboTech influence present, among others.

As you can imagine, this scenario gives birth to some impressive, not to mention huge, battle scenes. Del Toro himself says it’s “almost like seeing a tornado clashing with a hurricane.”

Del Toro is deeply involved with the creature design, a great passion of his since childhood. Each behemoth has its own distinct personality, and unique, specialized skill sets. “Some are adept at swimming in the depths of the sea, others fly, and one even vomits corrosive magma-like liquid.” How can you not love a giant monster that pukes acid?

Fans lucky enough to attend will get a sneak peek at the monsters of Pacific Rim this Saturday at a Warner Bros. panel at Comic Con.

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