Pacific Rim Art From Prequel Graphic Novel And Trading Cards

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Pacific Rim Comic Cover

The July 12th release date for Guillermo del Toro’s monsters-versus-mechs epic Pacific Rim can’t come soon enough for most of us. Just the thought of watching massive droids and skyscraper-tall creatures duke it out is enough to make sci-fi fans gurgle like Homer Simpson looking at a donut.

WonderCon has been going on, and Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures took the opportunity to release the cover art for the Pacific Rim prequel graphic novel, as well as images of trading cards for the Jaegers, the aforementioned giant mechs.

With cover art by comics veteran Alex Ross, who has worked on too many great titles to list, the graphic novel bears the subtitle Tales From Year Zero. From trailers and promo material, we know that Pacific Rim is the story of giant monsters, called Kaiju, emerging from the depths of the ocean to terrorize the human race. Eventually, people create the Jaegers to combat the beasts, but before that, we had to do battle the old fashioned way. If the title is to be believed, this comic book will tell stories from that earlier, pre-robotic-combat era.

Pacific Rim Trading Card 1

As a kid, I spent way too many hours pouring over trading cards, memorizing stats, and swapping them with friends. The fact that Pacific Rim is using them as a marketing tool makes me even more excited for the movie. We’ve seen most of the images on these cards, as they’re the same as a series of character posters that have been released recently. But on the backs of these little slabs of cardboard, we get vital information like size, speed, strength, and number of Kaiju they’ve killed in battle.

Pacific Rim Trading Card 3
Pacific Rim Trading Card 4
Pacific Rim Trading Card 5

They actually read like a character sheet in a role-playing game. And given the scope of the merchandising tie-ins, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see a Pacific Rim RPG sometime soon.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer below.