The Walking Dead Theme Becomes Even Better In This Outstanding Cover Version

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


To the average person, “cosplay” is either an entirely alien concept, or it’s a concept thought to be enjoyed entirely by aliens. It isn’t the friendliest term to use when trying to win over, say, a grandmother. But that’s why you have to slip something in her drink.

Stan Lee’s YouTube channel, World of Heroes, debuted its newest series, Cosplay: Piano, which showcases the virtuoso talents of pianist Sonya Belosouva, who completely destroys the opening theme to The Walking Dead on the ivories. No shit, her hands move robotically fast, as if her hands were both part of the most graceful and musically sound 10-legged insect ever to exist. Is anybody else getting hot in here?

Beyond Belosouva’s bonkers-awesome piano skills, the video vaguely depicts old wishy-washy Rick Grimes’ entry into the world of the undead, waking up in a hospital to body parts and warnings painted on doors. Then the zombies come in, moving much slower than Belosouva’s hands. I choose to view it as she’s playing as if her life depended on it for realsies. Check the video below and wonder why you don’t see more violinists with open wounds in the center of their face.

Obviously any theme song would be amazing in Belosouva’s hands — a Friends/Mad About You/Frasier medley seems like a good place to start looking for exceptions — and the complexities of Bear McCreary’s theme seem more like an artist’s plateau rather than a jumping-off point. Someone should create an award for this kind of thing.

Considering its host channel, expect some sci-fi and superhero renditions to blow your mind in the future. I can already hear her playing The X-Files theme now, and I probably don’t need to tell you this, but in my version, Belosouva is Mulder.