Outer Limits Meets Mad Men In Mick Garris’s Invasion

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Best known for his work in horror, filmmaker Mick Garris is prepping an alien invasion, of sorts. He is currently splashing around in the sci-fi end of the pool with a project called Invasion. Invasion isn’t just an alien invasion film, it’s a period alien invasion film, described as “The Outer Limits meets Mad Men.”

He told Heat Vision, “It’s a bit of different direction for me…but it’s great because I get to make a period movie but with a modern sensibility.” Invasion takes place in a time of “men in ties and hats and when you thought you could trust the government.”

Writer A.J. Ferrara handled the script, the second time he’s worked with Garris. The story deals with a woman trying to make it in a male dominated world, to prove that she is, in Garris’ words, “more than boobs and a skirt.” In this instance the setting is a newsroom, and in trying to break into the realm of serious journalism, a female reporter is assigned to cover an alien invasion.

Garris is looking forward to injecting a cynical feeling into that more innocent time and says that despite the dose of fantasy and imagination, the script is well-researched and filled with events that were well-documented.

Garris’ most high profile projects are adaptations of Stephen King novels, including the TV mini-series of The Stand and The Shinning. This sounds like it could be a good time, maybe a nice little throwback to a classic era of low-budget sci-fi and drive-in style alien invasion pics. Little Studio Films is currently shopping the film around Cannes, and the first step on the road to production is to secure Invasion’s leading lady.