Two Orphan Black Teasers Announcing An April 19, 2014 Return

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

In this long, long gap in between seasons of BBC America’s Orphan Black, I think I’ve gone through the entire Kübler-Ross model of grieving. I couldn’t believe it was over, I was mad that BBC America only gave it ten episodes, I sent them candies and cookies in order to put the show back on the air, I contemplated self-mutilation in between repeats, and then I finally decided to patiently wait until the new season starts next spring. It’s been hard, and the teaser above is just enough to get me right back in clone-happy mode.

The trailer comes from the Canadian network Space, which already has its start date of Saturday, April 19, 2014. BBC America also announced they would also premiere the second season that day, as part of their Supernatural Saturdays coupling with Doctor Who, a series that should premiere to big numbers with Peter Capaldi taking over the role.

Knowing that actress Tatiana Maslany is at the top of her game, the pressure is on creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett to match the first season’s champion pacing for its high-drama storytelling, not to mention the likable characters and wicked sense of humor. It will doubtlessly be a challenge, and the teaser offers only dialogue from the first season, focusing on the show’s Big Questions.

Who is the original clone and who created them? How many clones are there? Why exactly did Beth kill herself? But there are other questions left to be answered. Who has Kira? Is Sarah special for giving birth to a daughter? I’ll quit asking questions now, but it speaks to the way the story is woven that so many interesting and important threads are still there to build a new story upon.

And there will be a handful of new characters including an outdoorsman played by Michiel Huisman (Treme), a cowboy played by Peter Outerbridge (Nikita) and a predator type portrayed by Ari Millen (Exit Humanity).

Take a peek at the BBC America promo, which is even more vague, just cloning the start date’s numbers for a pretty cool visual. But still, I want details.

So will I see all you guys on April 19? If you can’t be there, just send your clone. Have a few laughs with this recent interview with Maslany.