Orphan Black, Continuum, The 100, And More Are New: This Week’s Sci-Fi Television

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

orphanWe’re in the part of the year when most of the networks are getting ready to launch their summer programming, with series such as Falling Skies due back on the air soon. But looking over this week’s schedule, one thing that struck me is just how many strong science fiction shows are actually on the air but somewhat under the radar right now. We’ve got BBC America’s universally praised Orphan Black, probably the most buzzed-about of the shows I’m about to list, but one that still feels like it’s not widely known outside of genre fans. We’ve got Continuum chugging through its third season, a show that GFR boss Josh Tyler raves about as “the best time travel show ever.” Two solid, grade-A science fiction shows that I honestly don’t have any complaints about? That’s pretty damn nice when you think about it.

Also on BBCA, there’s the underrated In the Flesh, a great twist on the zombie story that contains 100% less Carl than The Walking Dead. And finally, the CW’s The 100 unleashes the first of its two-part season finale this week. It’s not my favorite sci-fi show of all time or anything, but it’s been considerably better than my low expectations prepared me for, and it’s had a couple of genuinely surprising twists that elevate it above the likes of its canceled network siblings The Tomorrow People or Star-Crossed.

Of course, you’ve missed most of the current season if you haven’t been keeping up with these, but fear not. The comparatively spartan summer season is the perfect time to play catch-up…with two of them at least. Amazon Prime has exclusive streaming rights to Orphan Black, so AP customers can burn through season 1, and season 2 will likely go up later in the year. And Netflix has the first two seasons of Continuum up now. Get to it!

Hit the link for the rest of the week’s sci-fi TV listings!

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