Orphan Black Adds Two New Non-Clone Characters For Second Season

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

orphan black clonesOrphan Black fans, can you believe how long it’s been since the first season ended, especially knowing that we still won’t see the second season for another eight months or so? Seriously, it’s enough for me to want to clone myself and drop it down a well, just so I’m not the only me suffering. On the plus side, we do get another eight months of news tidbits and casting announcements. The quality of this is relative to your enjoyment of such things. The latest reveal comes in the form of a casting notice for two new characters for season two. And since the addition of a clone wouldn’t call for any other casting beyond the amazing Tatiana Maslany, you know new faces are entering this fairly dangerous fray.

Pastor Johanssen is the more important-sounding of the two, and hopefully everyone refers to him by both names every time they speak to him. Introduced in the second episode, Johanssen is the leader of the Proletheans, of whom Helena’s “master” Tomas was a devotee. As over-the-top as that character was, I can’t imagine getting to meet the top dog of that backwards organization. He’s also described as being “fervently anti-science and views GMOs and synthetic biology as a modern affront to God’s work.” So in other words, he’s like six out of the ten strangers I meet. I hope he becomes fully involved into the story though, and isn’t limited to creepy dungeon scenes like Tomas was. This show’s various villains all wound up becoming the good guys’ allies at different points, so there needs to be a definably evil person to root against all season.

The other new character is a guy named Cal, who is a “ruggedly handsome, adaptive and extremely well-connected woodsman who possesses the heart of a lover.” And there’s an insinuation that this may be a lover for Felix. And if he is or he isn’t, I hope he has a big blue ox named Babe, or whatever a gay man would name his ox. I have never said or written the phrase “well-connected woodsman” before today. He’s a lumberjack and he’s okay. That would mean that Felix doesn’t keep randomly sleeping with the morgue guy, which is a shame, because there was something so darkly humorous about their relationship.

Anyway, it’s probably good that they aren’t talking about new clone characters already, especially since they just spoke at Comic-Con against frivolously adding clones to the storyline. Executive producer Graeme Manson even said they “don’t want to introduce a lot of redshirts.” Smart guy. Catch a short TV Line interview with him and executive producer John Fawcett below.

If you haven’t yet picked up the DVDs, go out and do so immediately. Or get my clone out of the well and make him do it for you.

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