Orion Set Pics Suggest Somebody Stole David Arquette’s Pants

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t often think about David Arquette. Sure, he was Deputy Dewey in the Scream movies, and that was fun. I remember something about him marrying one of the Friends. Maybe David Schwimmer? At any rate, one way I absolutely never thought of David Arquette? Dressed like this.

For the love of God, man, at least wear a hat.

This isn’t just a bold new fashion choice for Arquette, but is instead a picture tweeted from the set of the post-apocalyptic flick Orion. Arquette himself sent out the image, presumably to let his followers know that he’s been working out, and also that…uh…he likes wearing chains? Seriously, that’s really bothering me now. What’s with the chains? Are they part of his post-apocalyptic outfit? Is he shackled to something? Could somebody please get that man a larger loincloth?

So, what the hell is Orion? The movie stars Arquette as a post-apocalyptic (have I mentioned that part?) hunter who sets out to find his missing brother. The movie also stars Lily Cole (Snow White and the Huntress) and is currently filming on location in Detroit.

Fun fact: that isn’t a set in that picture up there. That’s just how Detroit looks.

Here’s another shot from Arquette, this time presumably looking through one of those toy kaleidoscopes, or possibly the end of a beer bottle.

Seriously, though. What’s up with the chains, man?