OMG! A Dana Scully X-Files Supercut!

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

The X-Files was one of those shows that, even during its most frustrating seasons and storylines, mostly retained the mysterious intrigue that got fans hooked in the first place. It’s not a show that people watched for its repetitive catchphrases, although it certainly promoted quite a few. Throughout the many years we were able to peek in on the very complicated life of one Dana Scully, and she went through some pretty dramatic situations. Kidnapping? Yep. Alien cancer? Yep. Pregnancy? Yep. Boring movie? She’s been through two of them. And though she doesn’t really have a catchphrase, Scully is guilty of repetitious reactions to all manner of stimuli, as combined in this fan-made video which seems hilarious at face value, but is taxing to take in all at once.

Now, I’d have to assume that saying “Oh my God” when discovering an alien would definitively be done “in vain,” but Scully’s crucifix never caught fire around her neck or tightened enough to strangle her. I guess redheads get exemption status.

The best one in there takes place at dinner, with the vibrating bed following as a close second. Unfortunately, none of these clips were derived from the super-secret Gillian Anderson sex tape that never got released because it probably doesn’t exist, but I’m sure in many men’s minds, the video tape on that mental image is thinner than the skin of a bubble. Maybe some of that time was spent in a vibrating bed as well. Or under a dinner table.

One might have hoped Scully would follow in the footsteps of an ex-Fox character with a larger vocabulary during a surprising discovery, the godless Philip J. Fry.

Or perhaps even Jack Bauer.

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