First Official Prometheus Images Reveal A Giant Face In Space

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

We’ve seen a few leaks from this movie showing blurry, grainy images or footage which was quickly removed by 20th Century Fox’s always over-eager lawyers, but this is our first official look at Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel: Prometheus.

The images below come from the new issue of and were scanned by Bloody-Disgusting. Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Guy Pearce, Kate Dickie, Ben Foster, Patrick Wilson (among others) star and you’ll see some of them in the images. Take a look…

That last image, in particular, should have you insanely excited about this movie. It’s been a long time since anyone has even attempted science fiction like this.

Here’s the official Prometheus plot synopsis so far.

Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery.

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