How Oblivion Should Have Ended

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Just a heads up, you shouldn’t watch this if you haven’t seen Oblivion, or it’ll spoil the ending for you. That should really be obvious to most of you. So without further ado, how Oblivion should have ended.

How It Should Have Ended is a national treasure. Okay, that might be putting it a touch too dramatically, but it is a pretty good time. The latest big-budget Hollywood film to feel the sharp sting of them pointing out the absurdity of its ending, is the Tom Cruise/Joseph Kosinski sci-fi joint Oblivion.

The conclusion of Oblivion may have left you scratching your head and asking a lot of questions. It is totally one of the worst fake happy tacked on endings you’ve ever seen. Seriously, the protagonist gets to have the moment of supreme sacrifice, and the pretty couple gets to end up together. It’s complete crap, and so, so lazy.

At least if Oblivion had wrapped up like this, with endless numbers of Tom Cruises showing up out of the blue, Julia (Olga Kurylenko) would never have been short of helping hands to do work around the place. They live in a shack in the woods, so you know there’s going to be a great need for assistance chopping firewood and woodsy stuff like that.

When the little girl asks, “are you my daddies?” is priceless.

The second alternate ending, where Sally (Melissa Leo) just blasts Jack out of space, is really the most realistic option. Watching the movie you keep waiting for something like this to happen, and when it never does, it feels like a copout.

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