Oblivion Comic-Con Tote Bag Destroys The San Diego Convention Center

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Post-Apocalyptic San Diego Convention CenterJoseph Kosinski’s Oblivion was one of the most disappointing science fiction movies of the year so far. While the film had fantastic design and imagination, it felt like it was exploring very familiar territory without bringing anything new to the table. As a follow-up to the equally disappointing Tron: Legacy, however, Oblivion is a step up for director Joseph Kosinski, and both films are visually stunning. As a way to promote Oblivion‘s upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release, Universal is handing out a very nice collectible tote bag for gathering goodies at San Diego Comic-Con this week.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has partnered with GEEK Magazine to offer the limited-edition Comic-Con tote bags, which feature the San Diego Convention Center lying in ruins. (In Oblivion‘s backstory, aliens attacked the Earth in 2017.) Artist Andree Wallin created the look for the tote.

The Oblivion tote bag is free if you follow @GeekExchange on Twitter and receive a special password. You can also get a password by attending any of GEEK’s Comic-Con panels. Once you get the password, take it to the GEEK booth at #4014 on the show floor to get your free Oblivion tote bag, while supplies last. It’s that easy! The GEEK booth also offers t-shirts, magazines, toys, and digital subscriptions to GEEK Magazine.

Oblivion Tote Bag

Oblivion never really found its footing as an original science fiction movie. Its themes, characters, and story were all things we’ve seen done better in science fiction movies such as The Matrix, WALL-E, Planet of the Apes, RoboCop, and Star Wars. Oblivion just seemed derivative, lacking the personality that could make it stand out. That said, Oblivion offers a lot in terms of photography and design, particularly with the BubbleShip Tom Cruise’s Jack pilots, and the Sky Tower where he lives.

As for Joseph Kosinski, he’s developing an AMC science fiction TV series with Pacific Rim co-screenwriter Travis Beacham, called Ballistic City. The series takes place in a city aboard a generation ship, traveling through deep space. Ballistic City has been described as “Blade Runner meets Chinatown, while on Battlestar Galactica.” Does this sound appealing to you?

Joseph Kosinski is also developing Tron 3, the sequel to his debut film Tron: Legacy.

It’s fitting that Oblivion still has a presence at San Diego Comic-Con, considering that its birthplace was at the convention center. Before Joseph Kosinski developed the screenplay for Oblivion, it was a free, unpublished graphic novel sampler at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010. The intent was for the graphic novel to help sell Oblivion as a movie, and Universal Studios did indeed eventually greenlight the project.

Oblivion will be released on Blu-ray/DVD and digital download on August 6.

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