Own Obi-Wan’s Actual Lightsaber

By David Wharton | 10 years ago

Running out of shopping days before Christmas? In dire need of a gift for that special Star Wars fan in your life? Got $30,000 or so lying around just gathering dust? If so, you could take home Obi-Wan’s lightsaber from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace! Well, one of them, anyway.

The distinctive prop has popped up in the catalogue of venerable auction-house magazine Bonhams, and it will be going up for public auction on December 15th. In case you won’t be in the neighborhood of their Knightsbridge auction house, bidding will also be available online. Here’s a shot of what you’ll be throwing down five figures for: Lot No. 110, Obi-Wan’s “fighting lightsaber” from The Phantom Menace.

This shortened version was used by Ewan McGregor in the close-quarter fight scenes. As a longer blade had proved impractical for these sequences, this smaller type was made. It had sufficient green blade for the special effects team to generate the glowing light effect.

Now sure, that picture makes it look like you’d be spending thirty grand on one of those light-up toy plastic lightsabers you see little kids and/or dateless teenagers using to sword-fight in parking lots. But no, this is the real McCoy (whoops, wrong franchise). The prop is made of molded and painted resin, and the blade is just what it looks like: green plastic. Naturally, it will come with a snazzy display case, background info about the prop, and a certificate of authenticity.

Okay, let’s face it, none of us reading this are probably going to be bidding on a prop that costs more than some people make in a year. But it’s nice to dream, and a screen-used prop is one hell of a cool collectible. Even if it is from the worst Star Wars movie ever made.