M. Night Shyamalan Will Find Proof Of Life After Death On SyFy

By Rudie Obias | 10 years ago

Here’s a twist: M. Night Shyamalan will be creating a TV series. Shyamalan and Buffy The Vampire Slayer producer Marti Noxon are working on a new series for the SyFy Channel called Proof. It will serve as Shyamalan’s first foray into creating original television.

THR, says Shyamalan will direct the pilot episode for Proof, which he will co-write with Noxon. The pair will both serve as Executive Producers on the TV project with Shyamalan’s Blinding Edge partner Ashwin Rajan.

The concept of the TV series Proof is vague. After his parents die in a horrible car accident, the son of a billionaire tech mogul offers a large financial payday to anyone who can find proof of life after death.

The SyFy Channel picked up Proof to replace recently canceled TV series’ Sanctuary and Eureka. Shyamalan worked with the SyFy Channel in 2004 (then simply known as the Sci-Fi Channel) with the TV special The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan, which turned out to be part of the ad campaign for Shyamalan’s The Village.

Shyamalan is currently working on the sci-fi movie After Earth with producer/star Will Smith and his son Jayden Smith, which will hit theaters on June 3rd 2013. Noxon is working on the adaptation of the best-selling memoir The Glass Castle for Lionsgate. At this point, there is no airdate for Proof, but summer 2013 seems like a good bet.