First Neuromancer Concept Art

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting any sort of news out of Vincenzo Natali‘s film adaptation of the William Gibson classic Neuromancer, then you’re in luck. GFM films has released a single piece of concept art and a little bit of news that confirms a rumor about possible casting. It’s not much, but for the first time something solid seems to be coming out of the film’s development.

The artwork itself is just a moody picture of someone’s tattooed back. According to Bleeding Cool, the artwork is by Amro Attai an artist who has worked with Vincenzo Natali before. The image first appeared on Attai’s blog back in December. While all of the other pictures on his blog are monster designs (some from his work on Splice), the Neuromancer concept art was posted along side another image that seems to be from the same production. The second piece shows someone in a hoodie in a setting lit with neon signs. The second piece could certainly be Neuromancer’s protagonist, Case, but as with the first image, its ambiguous enough to be anyone in a cyberpunk setting.

As far as casting news goes, GFM films confirms that they have offered “pay or play” deals to Liam Neeson for the role of Armitage, and Mark Wahlberg for Case. A pay or play deal basically means the actor will get paid even if the movie falls through. Liam Neeson is always a safe bet for a dramatic role, but Mark Wahlberg? Am I the only one getting Wahlberg fatigue?