Netflix Will Not Save Terra Nova

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Netflix is in the process of making the jump to become a producer of original content. They’ve already picked up the cancelled TV series Arrested Development, intending to produce new episodes of the dearly departed show. And after the cancellation of Terra Nova the streaming service entered into talks with Terra Nova’s producers, with the intent of doing the same to their dino show. But now they’re not.

The two parties were unable to reach an agreement which would allow Netflix to revive the show. No word on just what the hangup was, but I hope it had something to do with our push on this site to get them to spend their money on something better. Our readers have sent thousands of tweets to Netflix using this link to point them in the right direction.

There’s no shortage of great, cancelled science fiction programming out there for them to pick up. Because of Terra Nova’s hefty per-episode price tag, most of those other shows could be produced more cheaply and oh, by the way, also have much more dedicated fanbases. In particular GFR and its readers been trying to draw their attention to cancelled programs like Stargate Universe and Firefly. Maybe now that Terra Nova’s off their radar Netflix will turn it’s attention there instead.