Netflix Has Dropped Stargate, Find Out How You Can Get It Back

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Tonight at precisely midnight Netflix dropped Stargate SG-1 from Instant Watch. The move came almost without any warning. I was in the midst of finishing the final season when I noticed a little date in the upper right corner of my screen telling me the show would be dumped from Netflix on August 15th. That warning only appeared on the Netflix app installed on my iPad, and only a few hours before calendar actually flipped over to the 15th. Most people watching through other devices, or even those watching through their website, received no warning at all.

We should have seen this coming. About a month ago Netflix pulled the franchise’s spin-off show Stargate: Atlantis off their network. I was smack dab in the middle of season 3 when they yanked it, and despite repeated requests for information, the video mega-corp has not commented on whether or not they’ll bring it back.

Now they’ve done the same to SG-1 and if you want it back, you’re probably going to have to do something about it.

At issue is Stargate’s content license. Netflix doesn’t own the right to distribute any of the shows they send into your TV set, they only rent a license. The license they’re renting, in this case from MGM, has expired. They’ll have to pay MGM money to renew it, if they want their customers to have Stargate back. Since MGM is the entity standing in your way of viewing the show, you might think it a good idea to start contacting them and campaigning for Stargate’s return. It isn’t. Don’t call MGM.

If MGM thinks the show is in high-demand they’ll raise the rates they want to charge Netflix to rent it, making it even harder for Netflix to renew their contract. The fact that Netflix hasn’t renewed it yet tells you that they already don’t think it’s worth the money it would cost them. So if you want Stargate back on Netflix, your only option is to apply pressure to Netflix, letting them know that whatever price MGM is charging them is absolutely worth paying.

How do you do that? Simple. Stargate has been pulled off Netflix but both SG-1 and Atlantis are available on Amazon Prime. They charge a per-episode fee, which gets pricey, but for around $80 bucks a year you can subscribe to their Amazon Prime service and watch it for free.

Personally, I’d rather have it back on Netflix.

For me the abrupt un-availability of Stargate on Netflix means the end of a journey I started almost exactly six months ago, a few hours after the birth of my son on February 18th. After a rough delivery the doctors moved him to the Neonatal intensive care unit, where he’d have to be covered in wires and kept in a plastic box monitored by nurses.

His mother was still recovering had to stay in bed, so I followed our little guy into the NICU where there was a glorified bench the nurses told me I could sleep on. Determined that I wouldn’t let our boy spend his first days of life alone, I set up shop as close to him as possible and attempted to rest, but the NICU is no place for sleep. Eventually I gave up on shut-eye, pulled out my iPad, and decided it was about time I really watched Stargate SG-1. The show ran for ten seasons and I’d only ever really watched a handful of episodes. It was a gaping hole in my otherwise science fiction savvy brain, and I really needed something to do besides all the worrying.

For nearly a week I sat on that bench next to my son and Stargate SG-1 kept me sane while the doctors poked and prodded and I held our baby’s hand, whenever they let me get close enough to him. Once our boy got out of the hospital, I kept watching.

Here’s the thing about having a kid: they don’t sleep. That means spending a lot of time sitting up holding and rocking till the most ridiculous of late-night hours. Not much you can do in that position, reading a book is almost out of the question since your hands are so busy. That leaves TV. So I kept right on watching Stargate SG-1.

This week I’d planned to end my journey with the SG-1 team. After six months of watching all alone with my son in my arms during the darkest parts of the night, I was nearing the last episode of show’s tenth and final season. That’s when Netflix decided to yank it.

I was lucky. I saw the warning in time to rush though the final two episodes. I finished Season 10 episode 20 at precisely 12:13am. For those of you who will now never be able to see it… you’re missing something special. Season 10 episode 20 maybe the show’s very best. When it ended I couldn’t replay it, SG-1 had already been yanked from my Instant Queue. I finished at the last possible moment.


  1. Tim Craft says:

    IMO the greatest show of all the times! I have laughed cried, cheered, and even after getting good into the show teared up just from a facial expression from Teal’c! the show is awesome on so many levels. I am glad you got to watch all of them. I wait a few months then start all over at 1again. just need it to be in bluray now! I actually feel bad for people that havent experienced this show yet. I am glad you got to see it in its entirety! hope you also saw Arc of Truth and Continuum to wrap everything up! EPIC!!

  2. Brian Tower says:

    I’ve been watching SGU on Amazon Prime!

  3. Skoad says:

    Wow. Completely disappointed with this. I just started season 4 last night. This is the second time this happened to me over the past month dealing with Netflix. I think its time to move on to other better options.

  4. Rejean_D says:

    SG1 and Atlantis are awesome shows. Great Sci Fi, action, a little comedy. SGU was not as good as the other two, but far better than alot of other science fiction shows still on TV. And way better than most of the junk left on SYFY. Wish Netflix would keep shows with large fan followings.

  5. heronymo says:

    Still seems to be available in Canada at least. Though we never got SGA or SGU.

  6. Who needs Netflix? It’s on Amazon Prime. (And I have the DVDs, too, but that’s beside the point.)

  7. Darr247 says:

    Ummm… I got the SG1 box set on sale for $75 over a year ago. It’s $90 typically (e.g. http://amazon.com/dp/B000TJBNHQ ).
    Still waiting for the rest of SGU to come out on blu-ray.

  8. I signed up for Twitter SPECIFICALLY to complain about this. DAMNIT this pissed me off. I was in the middle of season 4 and BOOM. GONE.

  9. Chris says:

    How do I tell them I want SG-1 back when I don’t have a twitter account?

  10. VinnZee says:

    Lot of other streaming services out there who host the files for you to watch, just gotta do a little creative googling and you can find all the episodes as well as the 3 or 4 movies, on top of the SGA and SGU series….

    • JT says:

      The thing about that is… it won’t bring in new people. The great thing about having it on Netflix is that people who are just curious are likely to check it out, and thus the show brings in new fans all the time. If it’s not on Netflix… the show is basically dead and confined only to people who already love it.

  11. Daniel Newcomb says:

    really sucks!!!! Was my afternoon show!!!!! on netflixs!!!

  12. gabe says:

    Upsetting, wanted to finish the series, ๐Ÿ™

  13. Josh Blagden says:

    Netflix had better get Stargate SG-1 back. It’s a great show. Although, the likelihood of them getting it back is not 100%. It might actually be more worthwhile for most Sg-1 fans to purchase it on iTunes, because that way you have it forever and not subject to Netflix cancelling it. And you’ll have it on your computer’s hard drive, which is great if you’re somewhere that you don’t have internet access.

  14. KB says:

    Sorry for the angst Gate fans with Netflix are going through. For the record there is warning. Expiration notices are placed in the Instant Queue online 1 week before the due date. The PS3 and Rokus plus newer blu ray players will display the notice-but only on the title’s summary page.

  15. Chip says:

    Or you could do what I did and buy them on DVD. Then you also get all the extras and can watch them anytime you want to your hearts content. My DVDs have gotten quite a workout too.

  16. helios says:

    i had *just* started watching the whole series over from the beginning on the 14th. imaging my shock when i went to watch it on the 15th and it was gone. boo, netflix! one of the greatest scifi shows ever, and the longest lasting. how can you pull a staple like that? very disappointed! looks like i’ll have to go buy those 2 seasons i’m missing on dvd…

  17. Erick says:

    Been trying to watch on Amazon, but the connection is crap, or the player is.

  18. Man this is my same story but with Doctor Wo. My daughter was in the NICU for 16 days and i had to stay sane with Netflix and my iPad.

  19. philip says:

    I wondered what was going on. Thanks for explaining. My daughter and i were on season 10 episode 4 when it was pulled. Luckily we have amazon prime.

  20. Ash Smith says:

    If they don’t bring it back I’ll be canceling Netflix and going with a different streaming service. Amazon Prime seems to have more content now anyway.

  21. Stargate Universe is the only Startgate worth anything.

    • That’s a rather humorous joke, there. You mean the Stargate that had no lead-in from either previous series, brought in an Ancient “expert” who somehow surpasses Dr. Daniel Jackson (a former Ascended), an MIT dropout gamer, and a crew of neurotic/bratty dingbats (who’d never realistically be allowed to participate in a classified operation)? Great choice. Anyway…the two truly worthwhile SG series need to stream again.

      • Don’t attack him just because you are both wrong…

        SG1 was excellent, Atlantis sucked the life from the series and Universe didn’t have long enough to heal those wounds.

  22. carrie says:

    I’m thinking of making a twitter just to try and get this back. I only made it to the middle of season 5 before it was yanked! I was almost finished with SGA too! Oh man. ๐Ÿ™ So not cool. I miss this show.

  23. JD says:

    I too decided to watch stargate again. Ive seen just about every episode Over the years but I knew there where a few I had missed over the years. Like you about 6 months ago, After being unemployed and unable to sleep, Since sept 2011 I said why not watch SG1.
    It was great to see the show from the beginning, you can see the growth of the show, and by season 3 they were on a roll. Writing was good, you can see upgrades to how they did things. I laughed when they had restrained someone to bed in the 1st season with plastic clips found on back packs. Soon after they had true medical style ones. It was just the little things I enjoyed and the “lost episodes” (the ones I had missed).
    I was about halfway through season 8 and finally had my house guest gone after 2 weeks of them visiting when bam no sg1 any more. I had watched just 2 days prior and couldn’t figure out what happened.

    It was a sad day indeed, even my wife said “man that sucks”. Anyways I just wanted to share how I related to your last few months of watching. congrats on your Son and I wish him all the best.

  24. Stargate Fan #1 says:

    Quit being such morons. If you really love the series (like I do), you’ll just buy the DVD’s so you can watch them anytime! They are so worth it, especially the Blu-ray versions!!

  25. not having stargate on netflix isnt an issue for me as i own all the dvds, and Any video converter ultimate to rip them.

  26. If this is some sad attempt at getting us to watch more SGU……its working….ONLY SLIGHTLY!

  27. bill says:

    I owned all episodes of SG1 and Atlantis but sold them a while back since they were available on Netflix i figured i could watch them anytime guess I was wrong. SG1 greatest show of all time I will tell netflix how I feel.

  28. Christine says:

    This is so frustrating! *bangs head against desk* Luckily I watched all ten seasons of SG-1 and all five seasons of Atlantis last summer, but now the characters are like old friends! I love rewatching the episodes and some days it’s nice to be able to kick back, relax, and save the universe (again) with one of our beloved teams. *sniffs* Netflix took my friends away. ๐Ÿ™ I would buy them all off Amazon, but after reading all the reviews that said that they got bad discs…

  29. Lou says:

    Crap. That explains it. I was wondering where the tv show went. I didn’t even finish season 1 although I did watch most of them in the last few years. I figured I’d start from the beginning to end. I guess not anymore…

  30. Kevin Brown says:

    What..I never even noticed, I had it saved to my instant que to rewatch from the start..this is bogus. Just noticed The Universe is headed out the door to, which i rewatch constantly

  31. Jp says:

    Touching posting… This show got me through some rough days as well. I watched all episodes on every series. This show is genius.

  32. Well that explains it, My mom and I were watching it a few months ago but we got busy, went to go try watching it this last weekend and were perplexed it was completely gone… We own the entire series on DVD sure but Netflix is a lot easier to keep track of the episode you’re on at the moment and also it had the later seasons in HD and such… Gotta say this is why I’m not a big fan of streaming video unfortunately, Things are there one day, gone the next…

  33. aaron sarles says:

    will atlatis come back to i was right in the middle and i would like to rewatch sg_1

  34. Yeah Netflix used to have nearly everything. Now they never have what I want. If Amazon Prime is only $80/year that’s lower than Netflix @ $8.00 x 12 = $96.00. Maybe it’s time for me to give Netfix some competition.

  35. annoyedone says:

    i was just searching google for “how to find out when things come on netflix” for EXACTLY these 2 shows…and this popped up! but its suprising about the contracts considering they still have sgu and the 2 movies. lets face it. mgm/sci fi/nbc has always treated stargate like crap, continually sabotaging everything from timeslot to day to midseason splits. its time for them to pay the fans back now!

  36. 123 says:

    Get a life you bum

  37. The TRuth says:

    VPN to a Canadian then you will find SG1 on your netflix account. You must have a non USA ip…SG1 is only banned in the US cause of the DCMA 3rd reich reign…we have no backbone to say stop this, so we will continue to pay more…as other counties put a stop to this crap….

  38. I find it slightly bizarre that they dropped SG-1 and Atlantis but not Universe. I hope lots of people read this; we need it back on Netflix.

  39. neverlast says:

    I was lucky to have seen them all working, I do like to go back through though and watch them again.

    this is pretty wild and I bet it wont ever happen to me again but about three years ago just after Christmas I just happened to be at SHOPCO – I never go in this store but for some reason some one in my family had to go there. I was strolling around in the store and noticed a pretty sizable rack with loads of DVD’s on it. kind of disorganized and a lot of sale stickers. I had time to kill so i started looking through them – i thought I’d never find anything i liked but still, I had to look. BAM! something cuaght my eye – an SG1 logo, I scooted some stuff over and realized it was a full set, a FULL set with the movies as well marked bonus Movies. the ark of truth and Continuum . k so I checked the tag – sale price. 19.00 I shit you not. I have the full series for 19.00 I looked forever and could not find another one. but while I was looking I found the same deal for X Files. no kidding, 19.00 the full set . thing is i don’t want to open them. LOL. sad hu. net flix was allowing me to not have to open them up.

  40. neverlast says:

    why does this seem like a amazon prime commercial when I read these posts? i never even heard of it and no one I know has it. I wonder if hulu has more stuff? i am going to go look now before I post this. NOPE! they do not have the rights to show it. nor Atlantis, not even sgu. sgu pissed me off but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Hmm. I haven’t tried hulu and I thought i would eventually butt hey just got some bad marks in my book. amazon prime can bite me for paying for each episode too.

  41. kimmy says:

    They canada have.

  42. Sassy Peeved says:

    Stargate Universe is now dropped from streaming as of July 1st Midnight.

    Netflix Customer Service

    You are now chatting with: Sary

    10 minutes agoNetflix Sary

    Hey there, Sary here.

    10 minutes ago



    10 minutes ago

    Netflix Sary

    Hello. And what can I help you with today?

    9 minutes ago


    Quick question… was watching Stargate Universe and the episode ended (Season 2 7th-ish episode) and instead of going to the next one, the whole series is now suddenly gone from Netflix streaming.

    9 minutes ago


    There was no “this will be available until….” date on the series so I’m a bit confused.

    9 minutes ago


    I know Stargate SG1 and Atlantis have been gone for quite some time but Stargate Universe didn’t show any end.

    8 minutes ago

    Netflix Sary

    That’s very odd, I can totally take a look at what’s going on with Stargate Universe

    8 minutes ago

    Netflix Sary

    Also, if you wouldn’t mind, who am I chatting with?

    8 minutes ago


    XXXXXX, the account owner

    8 minutes ago

    Netflix Sary

    Good evening Chase, it’s very nice to meet you.

    7 minutes ago


    If you look at my viewing history you’ll note I watched a bunch of episodes today but the last one did go past midnight, so if there was going to be a termination, July 1st midnight would be a date something like that would happen on

    7 minutes ago

    Netflix Sary

    The shows are supposed to provide an indication that the license is expiring, if it was going to be removed. So, it’s very strange that it would just go missing like that.

    7 minutes ago

    Netflix Sary

    Would you mind holding for a few moments, while I did some digging into this?

    7 minutes ago



    7 minutes agoYou


    6 minutes agoNetflix Sary

    Thanks, I’ll be back shortly.

    3 minutes agoNetflix Sary

    Alrighty, so I double checked and it looks like the streaming licensing on the show recently expired. What basically happens is that we have to rent the licenses for our movies and shows from a studio, like you would rent a car or a DVD. No worries, seeing as the show was on Netflix, I can totally see us getting this back on streaming in the near future! We actually use our member’s feedback to look for what to add next, so thanks for chatting in! What I can totally do here is note your account that you would like to see Stargate Universe back on streaming. Netflix wants to know what our members want to see and does their best to make that happen. If it’s cool, could I make a note that you’re interested in seeing Stargate Universe added back to our streaming library?

    2 minutes ago


    Thats what everyone thought though with Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.

    2 minutes ago


    Please note a strong desire to see all of them back

    2 minutes ago

    Netflix Sary

    Yes, of course! I was looking forward to seeing the show, too. So, I’ll make sure your voice is heard on this.

    2 minutes ago


    Thanks for checking or me.

    Odd that it didn’t have a termination date on the series like I’ve seen others have

    48 seconds ago


    I’m only using the browser interface and not any “app” for a device.

    19 seconds ago


    The girlfriend is definitely pissed off that she’ll miss the last 12 episodes.

    14 seconds agoYou

    Thanks for your time.

  43. Chris Steines says:

    So I just want to say, I know it’s not Netflix, and occassional pop-up’s may be annoying, but:

  44. Mojo says:

    I watch them on sky demand, not all are on all the time but its ok, yhey move up the seasons. Was gonna get Netflix but checked for SG1 and Atantis, will give it a miss now.

  45. Baseball Realism says:

    For the first time ever, I can say Canadian Netflix is better than the US. We still have SG1

  46. Gloria Henke says:

    Netflex I would really love to see the stargates episodes come back.


  47. spin off sindrom says:

    stargate the movie and sg1 are still up just not in the u.s. im in south america and us my dnsnumbers here and u.s. dns numbers from time to time… but no atlantis and no universe

  48. wwwwwaw says:

    Or just fucking torrent it