Neil Gaiman Writing Another Doctor Who Episode

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Last night during the Hugo Awards ceremony in Chicago, Neil Gaiman picked up the “Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form” award for his season six Doctor Who episode, “The Doctor’s Wife.” It was a great moment for fans of Gaiman and of Who, but it soon became even better on both counts. The writer revealed that he’s working on another Who episode, joking that “Only a fool or a mad man would try to do it again…so I’m on the third draft.”

Gaiman with his Hugo

The folks over at io9 were on hand at the Awards, and they managed to corner Gaiman at an afterparty and pry a few more details about his next Who outing from him. While he understandably wouldn’t reveal any story specifics, Gaiman did say that the episode is currently slated to air somewhere in the back half of season seven. That means we’ll likely see it sometime next spring.

The seventh season just premiered this past Saturday, and the first five episodes will play out over the course of the month, wrapping things up between the Doctor and the Ponds before taking a break until the Christmas special. It’s good to see Gaiman lending his talents to the show again. Prior to “The Doctor’s Wife,” Gaiman’s most recent TV writing was for the Babylon 5 episode “Day of the Dead,” way back in 1998.

Gaiman’s first Who episode beat out two other episodes of the show – “The Girl Who Waited” by Tom MacRae and “A Good Man Goes to War” by Steven Moffat – as well as an SF-tinged episode of NBC’s Community.