Neal Stephenson’s Reamde Coming To TV

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Neal Stephenson has been penning genre classics for decades now, including such landmark tomes as Snow Crash and The Diamond Age. Surprisingly, his bibliography has remained relatively untouched by Hollywood so far. There’s a supposed Snow Crash adaptation in development, but there’s no telling when/if that might find its way to the big screen. Fans of Stephenson may get to see his work arriving on the small screen in the not-too-distant future, however. His novel Reamde is being developed as a show for Fox TV Studios.

ReamdePublished in 2011, Reamde is a techno-thriller about a man who became ridiculously wealthy creating a MMORPG called “T’rain,” and a virus called “Reamde” that begins to infect it. Here’s how Deadline describes it: “Reamde kicks off with a kidnapping, triggering an attempt by family, friends and suspicious acquaintances to rescue the hostage who become ensnared in a worldwide techno-hunt.”

Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz will be overseeing the TV adaptation, with Chris writing and directing, and both brothers executive producing the show for Fox. I haven’t read the novel, so I’m not sure how much potential it has as a series. Even if I did I’d be moderating my expectations since Fox is involved, and they don’t have the greatest of histories when it comes to allowing science fiction series time enough to find their footing. Plus, the material sounds like the sort that might be a better fit on one of the cable networks like HBO or Starz. We’ll see.

If you’re read Reamde, sound off in the comments. Does it have the makings of a great TV series?