Nazis In Space!

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Steampunk has been the primary way history and science fiction have come together in recent pop culture, bringing anachronistic technology into the Victorian era and/or Victorian mores into modern times where the British Empire expanded and maintained its hold.  But the weird and wonderful union of sci-fi and revisionist or speculative history doesn’t have to be restricted to the petticoat set.  I’ll see your coal-powered robots and rockets and raise you “motherfucking Nazis in space” in the Finnish “science fiction comedy” Iron Sky:

There’s something supremely weird about the trailer narrator’s voice, but there seems to be a lot of other fantastic stuff going on in Iron Sky.  It’s got wall-sized computers and a crazy German scientist.  It’s got a lady clearly about to stab someone in the temple with a red pump.  It’s got swastika-emblazoned flying saucers.  An astronaut on the moon does a German salute!  According to the synopsis on the Iron Sky website, the film concerns a 70-year delayed Nazi invasion of Earth from a secret base they established on the dark side of the moon during World War II.

A good chunk of the video is the filmmakers speaking in Finnish about joining them on the film’s tour (and possibly asking you to buy a t-shirt or two), but the film itself is in English.  There’s some footage at the end with the cast at various press events, one of whom says that Iron Sky is a kind of mash-up of Inglorious BastardsSin City, and “old French movies”.  It looks like everyone involves understands the promise of the trailer’s narrator – that this will be a “preposterous” but fun tale.

Iron Sky is set to open in Finland on April 4 (with a 20-city tour preceding it), but their website states that “other countries will follow soon after” and makes vague mention of some online distribution.  If you’re interested in having Iron Sky play in a theater near you, you can submit a request on the film’s website.