See Nazis On The Moon In The First 4 Minutes Of Iron Sky

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Iron Sky is a little Finnish independent sci-fi comedy about, well, motherfucking Nazis… in space. Apparently the Third Reich has been hiding out on the dark side of the moon all these years. They’ve used that time to construct a massive space fortress and an armada of flying saucers, with which they plan to invade Earth.

See the space Nazi war machine in all its lunar glory, by watching the first four minutes of Iron Sky… right now.

It’s gotta be pretty crowded over there on the dark side of the moon, what with all the Transformers and all. I’m not sure if I like that the first four minutes of this movie directly rips off Transformers: Dark of the Moon or not, but they deserve praise for the special effects, which are fantastic for a film on a limited budget

Iron Sky will begin its theatrical release in Europe next month. In theory it will also get a theatrical release in the United States at some point, though no dates have yet been announced. We’ll keep you apprised.